Dayton Underground Pinball League

Welcome to the Dayton Underground Pinball League

Week 8 / Season 8 Tourney

The last week of league saw many roster changes, and thats how fast things can change in pinball!

True didn't let off the gas and ended up having an amazing night of pinball for the last week.  With 15 points for the night he was able to clench the top spot of DUPL and place 1st in the season this night.  Tom and Tony tied for 2nd and with a one ball play off Tony was able to seal the deal for 2nd place.    And a respectful tie for 4th place was Jame Elizondo who came from the back of the pack to tie Diane Spackman!

The tournament held at Dave V's house was a night of shock an awe as Marc M. took no prisoners and took the side pot AND the 1st place trophy home with him!!!!  

Robert STrong and Arron K tied for 2nd and 3rd and had a one ball play off at the end with Rob taking home the 2nd place trophy and Aaron with 3rd.

Thank you all again for such an amazing season of DUPL.  I look forward to seeing so many of you return and to new players who will be joining us for season 7 of DUPL!