Dayton Underground Pinball League

Welcome to the Dayton Underground Pinball League

Season 7 / Week 6 and 7

We’re a little behind here. Shit happens.

Let’s reflect on week 6: 

Tallest man in the room, Jean Jacket, Cheese Pants: What do these three things have in common? 🧐 1st place for the night with 14 points: it’s Tony, Jason and Whitneyyyyy! 🤩 They have the control and skill to win it all. Way to go you three!

James, Dan H, and Jess (Ringer Andy) swooped in with 13 points for the night. 🦅 Keep your eye on the ball and keep crushing it. We are all watching you. 👀

And third for the night went to Tom and Mark - playing like the threats they are. 🙌  12 points; so close they could taste it. Third is simply not good enough for them, you know? ✨ Watch out! 

Week 7:

James and Marc (two guys who have something better to do than play pinball this past Thursday 🤣🤪) got a whopping 14 points because of their ringers Luke and Dave V. You lucky, lucky no-shows. 💫 We still love you though. 🫶

Who runs the world? Diane and Jess with 13 points! 🔥 The competitive nature runs in their veins. They’re out to get you all with those leg kicks they do when they play. 💥 Stay out of their way. 

Call them pinball masters🏆: True, Brittany, Dan H (Ringer Dana) and Kayce (Ringer Porter) continued to sink their teeth into the competition with 12 points. 🧛‍♂️ Hope you didn’t mind the ass whooping, y’all.

See you for the last week of league play (before the final tournament!) at Dana’s house of Hawaiian titties and trains. ✨🤣 It’s the combo you never knew you needed. And it’s your last chance to fight the silver ball for 1st, 2nd or 3rd for league play. 

Come thirsty. 🏆

See you there, friends!